Basic Understanding

Define: It is an updated personal journal to express yourself to the world. Posts appear in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first. This is similar format to a daily journal.

  • Basic Pedagogical Use: Can foster ownership and choice. Students explore their own learning and thinking. It facilitates reflection and learning. It can also encourage students to write. Allows students to collaborate .
  • Using Campus Pak Blogs allows a secure environment
  • It permits asynchronous communication


  • Provides the user – author and editor privileges
  • Students may learn from one another.
  • Promotes content composition from non-technical users


  • Can be difficult to grade
  • Extra time. Instructor must think thoroughly on what they want their students to gain from the blogs.



Tool Information Pages (TIP) are intended to be an introduction to various technology tools and their specific implementation here at the University. The tabs "Basic Understanding" and "Pros and Cons" describe and define each tool in its generic form. Starting with "Basic Operation," it becomes specific to the UM option and highlights a bulleted list of concepts that would roughly correspond to that level of operational understanding. Faculty may use these lists to help identify their level of understanding of a given tool, especially in conjunction with ETS training offerings or requests.

For further information, please contact:
Rosalia Reyes-Webb
Learning Technology Specialist
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Basic Operation 

Use the list of concepts below to self-evaluate your level of operational understanding. If you are familiar and comfortable with the utility and implementation of most or all of these items, you are (at least) at the basic level of operational understanding.

Creating Blogs into your ELMS Space (Two Types: Campus Pack and WordPress)

Using Campus Pak Blogs with ELMS and WordPress is stand-alone

By default,  CampusPak blog is set to be shared with all students in the course.

    Setting up a Campus Pak Blog in ELMS

    • Creating a new Blog in your ELMS space
      • Adding Content to a blog
        • Modifying Settings and Setting Permissions
          • Evaluating Participation
            • Viewing Site History

            Setting up a WordPress Blog (This is a stand-alone blog and does not integrate with Canvas)