Dear College of Education Students and Faculty,

Welcome back! As this year’s executive board of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO), we are so excited to begin this 2020-2021 academic year with you - whether in the Benjamin Building or via Zoom.

This year’s fall semester certainly looks different than years prior. As a global community, we are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, managing its social and economic impacts, and grappling with the long-standing causes and consequences of racism. 

Yet, amidst this stress and uncertainty, the fall semester promises meaningful opportunities for connection, celebration, and progress.

Our GSO team is working hard to bring these opportunities to life. This year, we have three goals: 1) to facilitate community building across our COE departments and programs; 2) to celebrate our colleagues’ successes and milestones as graduate students; and 3) to create opportunities for graduate students’ professional growth. In alignment with these goals, we hope to organize virtual and physically distant social gatherings, highlight our student colleagues’ exciting academic endeavors, and facilitate individual and collaborative opportunities to deepen our understanding of racism and racial justice.

Our first event of the year will be our Virtual Welcome Fair on Wednesday, August 26th from 3-5pm. We hope you will join us! Check out our event page for more information and resources.

Throughout the year, please connect with us via email, social media, or our website to let us know how we can do better to meet the needs of COE graduate students. We are here to support you!


Kayla Bill, TLPL, President
Hailey Gibbs, HDQM, Vice-President
Bhanu Priya Moturu, CHSE Representative
Hannah Sanders, CHSE Representative
Brennan Register, HDQM Representative
Kathryn Yee, HDQM Representative
Kaitlyn Kyle, TLPL Representative
Kristyn Lue, TLPL Representative
Glenn Kasten-Sportes, GSO Faculty Advisor

The College of Education (COE) Graduate Student Organization (GSO) started during the 2012-2013 academic year. Each year a new GSO Executive Board is selected through a nomination and election process, held in April with members taking office May 1st and serving a one year commitment. The first meeting is held the beginning of May.

The GSO held its Eighth Annual College of Education Graduate Student Welcome Fair on August 26th, 2020 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.  

Please visit and like our Twitter and Facebook page to view pictures from events. Also, check back for updates, events, and important information for graduate students.

»GSO Constitution


»GSO Officers and Representatives

Current College of Education 2020-2021 Graduate Student Organization Executive Board Members and Representatives:

Executive Board Members:

President - Kayla Bill, TLPL
Vice President - Hailey Gibbs, HDQM 
CHSE Representative  - Bhanu Priya Moturu
CHSE Representative - Hannah Sanders
TLPL Representative - Kaitlyn  Kyle
TLPL Representative – Kristyn Lue
HDQM Representative - Kathryn Yee
HDQM Representative - Brennan Register

Hello from the College of Education's Graduate Student Organization (CoE GSO)!

Fall 2021 Welcome Fair Information Coming Soon!

At last years Welcome Fair: We welcomed incoming undergraduate and graduate students to the College of Education by hosting student panels and breakout sessions via Zoom. Separate graduate and undergraduate student panels were provided for incoming students to have an opportunity to ask current students questions, while breakout sessions provided an informal opportunity to connect incoming students with current students and faculty members across departments and cohorts. Prior to the event, attendees had access to a welcome video from Dean Jennifer King Rice and Department Chairs Dr. William Ming Liu, Dr. Francine Hultgren, and Dr. Kelly Mix, as well as an online repository of college-based and campus-wide student resources. 


»Upcoming events

Stay tuned for upcoming events for the 2021-2022 Academic Year! 

If you have any questions or concerns for the GSO, please contact us via email at