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Mathletics is a daily, 3-week summer camp for middle school students hosted at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) under the Maryland Institute for Minority Achievement and Urban Education (MIMAUE), a division of the College of Education at UMCP. Students are engaged in daily athletic activities that engage students in the application of mathematics to professional athletics. Activities are led by faculty from UMCP, local county teachers and undergraduate students majoring in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) field. Students not only learn practical skills, such as how to collect data and perform statistical analysis of the data, but also engage in a end-of-camp, personal statistics project in a field of interest to them. Hosted on the campus of UMCP, students have a chance to meet athletic coaches, enjoy recreational activities offered at the Stamp Student Union and Xfinity Center, and interact with students on campus as they practice collecting data with fellow Mathletes.

Mathletics has been supported by the Mathematics Association of America and the National Security Agency through their outreach and grant programs.

Time of Camp: 9:00am-4pm, Monday-Friday
Important Dates: Camp usually starts in during the last week of June and continues for 3 weeks into the month of July
Summer 2018 Application:  Open in January 2018


Mathletics Student Running​​​​​​
  • Mini sports columbine for students where students engage in various sporting events, followed by performing statistical measurements on their times and measurements compared to other Mathletes
  • Field trip to Washington Mystics basketball game where students collect statistical measurements of professional basketball players, followed by comparison of their measurements to those taken by the professional statisticians of the teams playing
  • Recreation time at the TerpZone in the Stamp Student Union on campus at UMCP (including playing ping pong, bowling, and arcade games)
  • Golfing lessons at the University of Maryland Golf Course directly adjacent to campus
  • Trip to UMCP basketball arena Xfinity Center
  • Interactions and presentations from UMCP athletic coaches and faculty on the importance and use of mathematics in athletics and coaching
  • Gather and analyze survey data from UMCP students at the Stamp Student Union
Mathletics Students

Below are some of the past comments made by students who attended Mathletics:

  • “This is the best camp I’ve ever been to in my life.”
  • “We learned about math, statistics, and charts.”
  • “I learned there are different ways to collect data and analyze it.”
  • “There are different steps to collect data: gather, analyze, explain, shapes of distribution.”
  • There are two different types of data: quantitative and qualitative”
  • “Saw first hand how we can use statistics.”
  • “Taught in a fun way.”
  • “The distributions were new to me, and I learned what type of graph is for [different] types of data.”



All students at Mathletics 2017
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