M.Ed. in Special Education-Focus Early Childhood Birth Age-5

Special Education
Over the decades research has shown the critical nature that the first years of life have on the educational, social, and health development of infants and young children and especially infants, toddlers, and young children with developmental delays. For infants, toddlers and young children with developmental delays it is imperative that they are provided the necessary support and  prepared as early as possible to improve their opportunities for living a rich life within the context of family, school, and community (Hardman, Egan, & Drew, 2016).

To address these challenges, the ISECY, in the Counseling, Higher Education and Special Education Department, is offering an outreach site for professionals working in surrounding Maryland local educational agencies and in the community to expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities to better meet the expanding demands in this age group. 

This M.Ed. in Special Education focuses on those early developmental years beginning at birth to age 5 to provide advanced training to professionals working in early childhood.  Graduate work will address the developmental and learning needs of our youngest ages birth-5 including those with physical, sensory (e.g., deaf-blindness, cortical visual impairment, etc.), and multiple disabilities. 

The M.Ed. focuses on key areas:

  1. Build and Use research and evidence-based practices in the areas of assessment, positive behavior support, instruction, social/interpersonal skills and relationships, and individualization
  2. Deepening Family Engagement
  3. Expand understanding of and ability to support vulnerable infants, toddlers, & preschoolers (e.g., those children that have more potential than other children for poor outcomes or danger due to exposure to greater risks than their peers.)
  4. Ensure successful transitions

The program focuses on providing the graduate student the knowledge, skills, and abilities that support efforts to achieve equitable developmental and academic achievement for all (Maryland Commission on Innovation & Excellence in Education, 2020)

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