Master's Programs

MCERT, Master of Education (M.Ed.) with Certification 

The Master’s Certification Program (MCERT) is a graduate-level teacher preparation program that leads to elementary, middle school, secondary or preK-12 teacher certification and a Master of Education (M.Ed.). Content area specializations include Art, Dance, Elementary Education, English, Mathematics, Middle School Math and Science, Physical Education, Secondary Sciences (Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth/Space Science, Physics), Social Studies, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and World Languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish).  

The 13-month, 42-credit program is an intensive, full-time experience that integrates both theory and practice in a school-based program. Interns will be engaged in learning and teaching activities at a school site during the weekdays. In addition, interns will attend pedagogy and education courses on two nights a week as well as some Saturdays. The demands of this compact, intensive experience preclude MCERT interns from employment or graduate assistantships during the internship year. The MCERT program is offered only on an intensive full-time basis. We offer some of our courses in a hybrid format.


Science Education, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Candidates for the M.A. program in science education at the University of Maryland are K-12 or college-level teachers, other education professions, and/or people with a science background interested in careers in research and education-related careers outside K-12 schools. We usually recommend a M.Ed. instead of an M.A. program for candidates seeking to further their careers within K-12 schools. The Master of Arts is a 30-semester hour program that requires coursework in education, coursework in a science discipline, and a small independent research project.


Teacher Leadership Emphasis (non-teacher education certification), Master of Education (M.Ed.) 

The Masters of Education (M.Ed.) with emphasis in Teacher Leadership in the Schools option supports already certified beginning teachers and experienced educators in developing a sound common grounding in aspects of teaching, inquiry. The program emphasizes advanced professional development studies, which supports experienced teachers as accomplished professionals and instructional leaders and includes a choice of the following specializations: Art Education; Arts Integration; Elementary/Middle School Education; English Education; Mathematics Education; Minority and Urban Education; Science Education; Teaching English to Speakers of Others Languages (TESOL, non-certification); Social Studies Education; Special Studies; World Languages (non-certification).  

Teacher Leadership: Specialization in STEM (M.Ed)

In addition to a Master's Degree, candidates who successfully complete this program qualify for an add-on certification endorsement from the state of Maryland as a STEM Instructional Leader