Doctoral Students

A photograph of Alex Glass
Alex Glass
  • Entered program in 2019. 
  • Education: M.A in English Language and Literature from George Mason University; B.A. in English Language and Literture from Florida International University.
  • Experience: English Instructor, Northern Virginia Community College
  • Research Interests: 
A photograph of Janet Fofang
Janet Bin Shufor
  • Entered program in 2018.
  • Education: Equivalent of Masters degree in Electrical Engineering/ Electronics
  • Experience: High school electronics teacher in vocational school. Founder of STEM focused schools and maker spaces. Active startup community advocate and robotics coach for team Cameroon
  • Research Interests: Use of advanced technologies/devices in education, artificial intelligence and robotics and design thinking.
Headshot of Noel Kuriakos
Noel Kuriakos
  • Education: MBA in Strategy, Technology Marketing from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business; MAT in Math Education from Emmanuel College, Boston, MA; BA in Economics and BS in Accountancy from the University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign.
  • Experience: Teaching fellow in Math & Science at Mother Caroline Academy, Boston, MA. Pre-service teacher in middle school math at Boston Public Schools. After school teacher at Paraclete in Boston, MA. Scratch Instructor at MIT, Gabrieli Labs Project at the Boston Collegiate Charter School. Instructor at Girls Who Code & Black Girls Code. Comp Sci Teacher at Dir. of Project Based Learning, Dir. of Curriculum Development in Maranyundo Girls School, Nyamata, Rwanda. Enterprise software product management.

  • Research Interests: Middle school girls' STEM education, gender-based STEM education through experiential-informal and game based learning,transnational advocacy for peace & gender equity through STEM, outcomes based management through learning analytics

A photograph of Karmen Hice
Karmen Hice
  • Entered program in 2019.
  • Education: BSN, Bachelor of Science of Nursing, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center; MS, Master of Science, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.
  • Experience: Experienced Nursing Instructor
  • Research Interests: Nursing education
A photograph of Madiha Moin
Madiha Moin
  • Entered program in 2018. 
  • Education: M.Ed. in Education and B.S. in Psychology from University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Experience: Science Teacher
  • Research Interests: 
A photograph of Rebecca Vieyra
Rebecca Vieyra
  • Entered program in 2018. 
  • Education: M.A.S. in Science Education from the Illinois Institute of Technology; B.S. in Physics Education from Illinois State University.
  • Experience: Coordinator of the Inter-American Teacher Education Network of the Organization of American States. Previously, she was the K-12 Program Manager at the American Association of Physics Teachers, and, separately, co-founder with her husband of Vieyra Software, which provides free and low-cost apps to more than 1 million users worldwide. Previously, Rebecca was a high school physics and engineering teacher in Illinois public schools. 
  • Research Interests: STEM Teacher Leadership, Physics Teacher Education, Computational Modeling in Physics, Teaching and Learning with Mobile Sensors
Scott Moses
Scott Moses
  • Entered Program in 2017.
  • Education: MA English from Boston College; MSc Global Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science; B.A. in English from Southern Methodist University.
  • Experience: Currently a Senior Lecturer in the English Department at the University of Maryland, where I also serve as Blended and Online Learning Coordinator for the Professional Writing Program.
  • Research Interests: Higher Ed faculty access to teaching and technology resources and training.
Photograph of Heather Killen
Heather Killen
  • Entered program in 2017. 
  • Education: M.A. in Biology, Boston University; B.A. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Asian Studies from Linfield College, McMinnville Oregon.
  • Experience: Resident faculty of biology, Mohave Community College, Arizona. Field ecologist, Colorado River Indian Tribes. Administrator, U.S. Antarctic Program, McMurdo Station, Antarctica.
  • Research Interests: Mixed methods research on engagement, equity and learning in informal educational spaces, including on-line spaces. 
Merijke Coenraad
Merijke Coenraad
  • Entered program in 2017.
  • Education: M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College; B.S. in Elementary Education and Spanish & Hispanic Studies from Creighton University.
  • Experience: Taught a variety of middle school courses including social studies, Spanish, and technology for 4 years at Saint Columbkille Partnership School in Brighton, Massachusetts. 
  • Research Interests: Technology design, development, and implementation in K-12 education settings.
Hannoori Jeong
Hannoori Jeong
  • Entered program in 2017.
  • Education: M.A. in Science Education from Columbia University; B.A. in Biology from SUNY Binghamton.
  • Experience: Spent 2 years working with high school students and teaching biology and chemistry.
  • Research Interests: Informal science education and feminist perspective in science education, equity.
Jennifer Mesiner
J. Elisabeth Mesiner
  • Entered program in 2017.
  • Education: M.S. in Science Education and B.S. in Social Science Education from the Florida State University.
  • Experience: Worked three years as a teacher at the Florida State University Lab-Research School (FSUS)  in sixth grade science.
  • Research Interests: Responsive teaching, Next Generation Science learning, and preparing science educators, both pre-service and in-service.
A photograph of Cachanda Orellana
Cachanda Orellana
  • Entered program in 2016.
  • Education: MEd in Secondary Education, Howard University; BA in English Language and Literature, Howard University.
  • Experience: Experienced English Teacher.
  • Research Interests: Reading and technolgy.
A photograph of Kenna Hernly
Kenna Hernly
  • Entered program in 2017.
  • Education: M.A. in Contemporary Visual Art from Falmouth University, UK; B.A. in Art History from St. Mary's College of Maryland.
  • Experience: Worked as Learning Curator for Adult Programs at Tate St Ives, UK, for 4 years developing and delivering the museum's public program and exhibition interpretation. Also, worked as an independent artist and curator for 8 years.
  • Research Interests: Museum education, art education, nonformal and informal program design, and how technology supports learning in out of school environments. 
Lautaro Cabrera
Lautaro Cabrera
  • Entered Program in 2016.
  • Education: B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Studio Art from Ohio Wesleyan University.
  • Experience: Worked for two years as a teacher aide at a university-based preschool and for little under a year as a Research Assistant at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH.
  • Research Interests: Early childhood learning, specifically in conjunction with the development of early computational thinking skills and the role of technology in facilitating this learning.
Hannah Sabo
Hannah Sabo
  • Entered Program in 2016.
  • Education: B.S. in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Seattle Pacific University.
  • Experience: 4+ years as a learning assistant or teaching assistant for physics courses including calculus-based introductory physics, modern physics, and quantum mechanics.
  • Research Interests: Physics Education Research: Learning Assistants, Conceptual Resources, Engagement, and Affect.
Natalie Ylizarde
Natalie Harr Ylizarde
  • Entered program in 2015.
  • Education: M.A.T. in Biological Sciences from Miami University, Oxford; B.S. in Early Childhood Education, Kent State University.
  • Experience: Taught kindergarten and 1st grade for nine years at Crestwood Local Schools, Mantua, Ohio. Served six weeks on an NSF-funded polar research team in Palmer Station, Antarctica. Served two consecutive fellowships as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at the National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. 
  • Research Interests: STEM early learning, elementary science teacher professional development, and climate change education.
Michael Galczynski
Michael Galczynski
  • Entered Program in 2015.
  • Education: M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering: Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate, University of California Berkeley; B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, University of Maryland College Park.
  • Experience: Spent 3 years as the Head Graduate Student Instructor of Introductory Physics at the University of California Berkeley developing new course materials and instruction techniques.  Participant in the Elevate Fellows Program at The University of Maryland College Park.  Lecturer in the College of Engineering Keystone Program at the University of Maryland.  Currently a lecturer in the College of Engineering. 
  • Research Interests: Engineering Education, Design thinking Education, Teamwork, Student Perceptions.
Kevin Collabro
Kevin Calabro
  • Entered program in 2013. 
  • Education: B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and M.S in Civil Engineering (project management) from the University of Maryland. 
  • Experience: Spent the last 8 years working as an instructor with the Keystone Program in the Clark School of Engineering and continues to work full-time for Keystone and serves as the program’s Associate Director.
  • Research Interests: Interdisciplinary approaches to engineering curriculum and studying how organizational cultures change when adopting reform activities.
Ashley Coon
Ashley Coon
  • Entered program in 2013. 
  • Education: M.A in Teaching from Notre Dame of Maryland University; B.S. in genetic engineering from Cedar Crest College.
  • Experience: Spent two years as a research technician at Duke University, studying cardiac regeneration in zebrafish. She taught high school biology at Hereford High School in Parkton, Maryland from 2006 to 2013.
  • Research Interests: Scientific identity formation and undergraduate science education program recruitment.

Not Pictured:

  • Kweli Powell