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The positive coping, health, and well-being lab within the Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education at the University of Maryland focuses on health counseling psychology by investigating the relationship between biopsychosocial and ecological factors and health and psychological well-being.


  • Explore the role that social, psychological, and medical/biological factors play in health and well-being outcomes
  • Identify psychosocial and ecological factors that promote positive adaptation to major life events
  • Examine the role of positive and adaptive psychological factors such as self-compassion and mindfulness that contribute to healthy adaptation to major life events
  • Examine psychotherapy process and outcome and clinical training and supervision


  • Expressive writing intervention examining mindfulness vs. self-efficacy in outcomes for first-time mothers (Sara Ericson)
  • A Feminist Perspective on Coping with Interpersonal Stress in Chronic Disease (Lizz Reeves)
  •  Pregnancy and Work: The Impact of Workplace and individual Factors on Job Satisfaction and          
  • Turnover Intentions (Katherine Ross)
  • Meaning-focused intervention with caregivers for persons with chronic disease or cancer (Amy Fuhrmann)
  • Assessing mediators and moderators through an expressive writing intervention for women with ovarian cancer (Ana Popovska)
  • Barriers to mindfulness and meditation in non-meditators (Carly Hunt Rietschel)
  • The role of on-line support forums for men with prostate cancer (Fuhrmann, Ross, Hoffman & Sappington)