Basic Understanding

  • Define: It is from the Hawaiian word for "fast".
  • It is a website where anyone with access can add pages or document to a website and edit them. An instructor can view changes made by different users.
  • Basic Pedagogical Use: Allows students to collaborate with one another easily.
  • You can view changes made by different users. It permits asynchronous communication


  • Provides the user – author and editor privileges
  • Encourages democratic use of the web. A community feel
  • Promotes content composition from non-technical users


  • Can be manipulated with incorrect or malicious data
  • May require additional monitoring from the instructor regarding fair-share of contributions


Tool Information Pages (TIP) are intended to be an introduction to various technology tools and their specific implementation here at the University. The tabs "Basic Understanding" and "Pros and Cons" describe and define each tool in its generic form. Starting with "Basic Operation," it becomes specific to the UM option and highlights a bulleted list of concepts that would roughly correspond to that level of operational understanding. Faculty may use these lists to help identify their level of understanding of a given tool, especially in conjunction with ETS training offerings or requests.

For further information, please contact:
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