Explore our program spotlights on research, faculty mentorship, and innovative coursework at the University of Maryland College of Education.

We prepare educational leaders in Maryland and beyond, shape a new generation of teachers for today's PK-12 population, and promote equity and justice in education. From using avatars in classroom simulations to examining learning disabilities through brain imaging, we seek to transform teaching and learning. 

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Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology University of Maryland COE






Cutting-edge science and practice in core areas of counseling psychology: career development, diversity and social justice, and psychotherapy.

Educational Administration

Educational Administration and Supervision University of Maryland at College of Education






Preparing fearless leaders committed to providing innovative, evidence-based educational opportunities for all students across Maryland and beyond.

Education Policy

Education Policy at University of Maryland College of Education






Set in the backdrop of our nation’s capital, UMD scholars engage in innovative and rigorous research to advance understanding of how education policy impacts students and society.

Educator Preparation

Educator Preparation at University of Maryland COE






Dedicated to innovation in curriculum, the development of equity-minded educators, digital learning, and community partnerships that strengthen our ability to prepare educators for today’s classrooms. 

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology at the University of Maryland College of Education






A world leader for research on learning and development. Pioneering research that moves beyond the laboratory and makes a real-world difference.

Equity and Justice in Education

Equity and Justice in Education






Expanding access and dismantling barriers to high quality educational opportunities that empower individuals to reach their goals and contribute to the broader civic, democratic, and economic goals of society.

Higher Education and Student Affairs

Higher Education and Student Affairs at University of Maryland COE






Leading research and informing policy and practice for a more diverse, inclusive, and just higher education for all. 

Special Education

Special Education at University of Maryland COE






Impactful research and teacher preparation programs that create opportunities, advance equity, and shape policy for youth with disabilities.