Field Committee in Developmental Science

The following faculty are members of the Field Committee in Developmental Science. Faculty at the University of Maryland who would like to join the committee should contact the committee spokesperson, Dr. Melanie Killen (

Sophie Aiyer

Research Assistant Professor

African-American Studies

Oscar Barbarin

Professor & Chair

African-American Studies

Jonathan Beier

Assistant Professor


Donald Bolger

Assistant Professor

Human Development

Lucas Butler

Assistant Professor

Human Development

Natasha Cabrera


Human Development

Jude Cassidy



Jane Clark



David Chae

Assistant Professor

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Andrea Chronis

Associate Professor


Norman Epstein


Family Studies

Sandra Hofferth


Family Studies

Yi Ting Huang

Assistant Professor

Hearing & Speech Sci.

Nathan Fox

Professor & Interim Chair

Human Development

William Idsardi

Associate Professor


Melanie Killen


Human Development

Sally Koblinsky


Family Studies

Jeff Lidz



Rochelle Newman


Hearing & Speech Sci.

Colin Phillips



Richard Prather

Assistant Professor

Human Development

Geetha Ramani

Assistant Professor

Human Development

Nan Bernstein Ratner

Professor & Chair

Hearing & Speech Sci.

Elizabeth Redcay

Assistant Professor


Tracy Riggins

Assistant Professor


Alexa Romberg

Assistant Research Scientist

Human Development

Ken Rubin


Human Development

Ellin Scholnick

Professor Emerita


Edmond Shenassa


Family Science

Natalie Slopen

Assistant Professor

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Judith Torney-Purta


Human Development

Min Wang


Human Development

Amy Weinberg



Kathryn Wentzel


Human Development

Allan Wigfield


Human Development

Andrea Zukowski

Research Associate


Kelly Mix


Human Development

Cixin Wang


Human Development

Melanie Killen, Co-spokesperson, Professor, Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodolgy

Jude Cassidy, Co-spokesperson, Professor, Department of Psychology

Jeffrey Lidz, Committee Member, Professor, Department of Linguistics

Rochelle Newman, Committee Member, Professor and Chair, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences

Tracy Riggins, Committee Member, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Elizabeth Redcay, Committee Member, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Jonathan Beier, Committee Member, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Lucas Butler, Committee Member, Assistant Professor, Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology

Natasha Cabrera, Committee Member, Professor, Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology

Brandon Terrizzi, Committee Member, Doctoral Student, Department of Psychology

Alexander D'Esterre, Committee Member, Doctoral Student, Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology

There are a number of graduate programs that offer state of the art doctoral training in developmental science. Prospective students should apply to the program that most closely matches their research interests and training goals. A good place to begin is to follow the links provided below. Students within these programs have access to the activities and resources of the Field Committee in Developmental Science.

Family Studies ( )

Hearing and Speech Sciences:  (

Human Development and Quantitative Methodology: (

Kinesiology ( )

Linguistics (

Psychology ( )

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science ( )

The courses listed below have been identified by the Committee faculty as providing foundational training in developmental science for doctoral students across disciplines. In principle, these courses are open to any doctoral student affiliated with the Committee. For questions about registration, contact Graduate Coordinators in the department listed below. Developmental Science Spokesperson is Melanie Killen ( and Coordinator is Matthew Barstead (


EDHD 750 Culture, Context, and Development 

EDHD 720 Social Development 

EDHD 721 Cognitive Development and Learning

EDHD 820 Advanced Topics in Social Development

EDHD 850 Social Cognition and Moral Development 

EDHD 821 Socialization Processes in Human Development II 

EDHD 835 Achievement Motivation 

EDHD 775 Psychophysiological Processes in Human Development I 

EDHD 711 Peer-Culture and Group Processes in Human Development 

EDHD 779T Reading Acquisition in Young Children 

FMST 698S Analysis of Family Systems and Dysfunction 

FMST 606 Ethnic Families 

FMST 641 Couples Therapy: Theory and Techniques (Prerequisite: FMST 640). 

FMST 645 Sexuality: Issues in Family Therapy and Service Delivery

FMST 698Q Qualitative Methods in Family Research 

HESP 604 Acoustic and Perceptual Phonetics

HESP 602 Neurological Bases of Communication 

HESP 838 Seminar in Language Acquisition 

HESP 888  Seminar in Neurobases of language 

HESP 818  Seminar in Language Processing

KNES 603 Advanced Motor Development 

KNES 689G Visuomotor coordination across the lifespan 

KNES 689P Development of Posture and Locomotion 

KNES 703 Advanced Seminar: Motor Development 

LING 640 - Psycholinguistics I 

LING 641 Issues in Psycholinguistics 

LING 849 - Seminar in Psycholinguistics

LING 646: Cognitive Neuroscience of Language 

LING 859: Seminar in Language Acquisition

NACS 728D: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

PSYC 611 Advanced Developmental Psychology 

PSYC 623 Child Psychopathology 

PSYC 632 Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Children and Adolescents 

PSYC 679A Seminar in Cognitive Development

PSYC 757: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 

PSYC 789/NACS 728G: Early Social Cognition

PSYC 798L Graduate Seminar: Attachment 

PSYC798J Development of Social Cognition

Graduate Students

Tyson Barker (Human Development),

Matthew Barstead (Human Development),

Sarah Blankenship (NACS),

Bonnie Brett (Psychology),

Katherine Ehrlich (Psychology),

Kelsey Canada (Psychology),

Emily Daubert (Human Development),

Aimee Drouin (Human Development),

Yue Du (Kinesiology) 

Laura Elenbaas (Human Development),

Kecia Ellick (Family Science),

Kathryn Ellison (Human Development),

Brandee Feola (Human Development),

Jackie Gross (Psychology),

Sara Haas (Human Development),

Sara Heverly-Fitt (Human Development),

Amy Ho (Human Development),

Jenna Goldstein Suway (Human Development),

Sarah Helfinstein (Human Development),

Catherine Kuhns (Human Development),

David Martin (Psychology),

Sarah McCruden (Hearing & Speach Science),

Jenessa Malin (Human Development),

Amanda Mason-Singh (Human Development),

Colleen Morrison (Human Development),

Giovanna Morini (Hearing &Speach Sciences),

Jeeyoung Noh (Human Development),

Melissa Pangelinan (NACS),

Alison Robey (Psychology),

Leslie Rollins (Psychology, Developmental),

Katherine Ann Rice (Psychology, Developmental),

Michael Rizzo (Human Development),

Virginia Salo (Human Development),

Laura J. Sherman (Psychology),

Jessica Stern (Psychology),

Brandi Stupica (Psychology),

Simone Templeton (Human Development),

Brandon F. Terrizzi (Psychology),

Sonya Troller-Renfree (Human Development),

Ross Vanderwert (Human Development),

Laura K. White (Human Development),

Vanessa Williams (NACS),

Te-Hsin Wu (Hearing & Speach Science)

Amanda Burkholder (Human Development)

Alexander D'Esterre (Human Development)

Avery Hennigar (Human Development)


Post Doctoral Researchers

Kathryn Amey Degnan (Human Development), 

Erin Cannon (Psychology),

Fengji Geng (Psychology),

Erin Lewis-Morrarty (Psychology),

Ozge Metin Aslan (Human Development), 

Bethany Reeb (Human Development),

Olga Lydia Walker (Human Development),

To post an event, please contact Alexander D'Esterre at

Roots of Compassion: From Basic Science to Practice: March 4th, 2016

For the 2015-2016 Academic Year, the Developmental Science Field Committee is pleased to sponsor Roots of Compassion: From Basic Science to Practice. The workshop will take place Friday, March 4th, from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM. If you have questions, please contact Jessica Stern at Click below to view the event flyer as a PDF:

2015-2016 Sponsored Workshop Instructions and Application

The Graduate Field Committee in Developmental Science provides graduate students an opportunity to plan a workshop on a topic aligned with their interests. Funding will be awarded in order to offset the cost of the workshop. In order to submit a proposal for a funded workshop during the 2015-2016 academic year, please CLICK HERE for submission instructions. To see examples of previously funded workshops see below.

Previously Funded GFCDS Workshops - 2012

Introduction to the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study- Birth Cohort (ECLS-B)

On July 30, the Graduate Field Committee in Developmental Science sponsored a student-led workshop on the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Birth Cohort dataset. More than 40 students and faculty members from across campus joined together to learn about using this nationally representative dataset of U.S. children.

For more information about the workshop, click here for the flyer and the report

Morality: An Interdisciplinary Science Linking the Brain, Behavior, and Society

This one-day workshop took place on December 7th, 2012. The program consisted of a series of invited talks followed by question and discussion periods, and a final panel discussion facilitated by the workshop organizers that incorporated questions collected from participants throughout the day (see link below for workshop flyer). Talks covered research in the areas of psychology, human development, public policy, neuroscience, law, and philosophy..

For more information about the workshop, click here for the flyer and the report


Center for Children, Relationships and Culture Colloquium

Wednesdays,12:15 to 2:00 PM, Benjamin Building Room 1121

UM Center for CRC Colloquia Series Spring 2016


University of Maryland Cognitive Science Colloquium

Thursdays, 3:30-5:30 Bioscience Research Building Room 1103



Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Colloquium

Fridays, 12:00-2:00 Biology-Psychology Building Room 1208



The Maryland Linguistics Colloquium Series

Fridays, 3:00-4:30 Marie Mount Hall Room 3416



Hearing and Speech Sciences Seminar Series

Wedensdays, 12:00-1:00 LeFrak Hall Room 2208




The Field Committee in Developmental Science maintains a listserv list for disseminating information about events on and off campus of interest to developmental scientists.

Anyone may join the listserv list by emailing and typing the following message into the body of the email:

subscribe devsci Your Name

To post a message to the list, send email to devsci@umd.eduOnly members may post messages to the list serve

Please use this listserv list to disseminate information about talks, workshops, conference, symposia, seminars, classes and other events that will be of interest to developmental scientists (faculty, postdocs and students) across campus. This is also a good way to let people know about student research/job opportunities, or to send research/teaching related inquires to colleagues.

Please use this list only for academic business.