Interim Dean Laura Stapleton
July 19, 2021



College of Education Community,

I want to express how honored I am to shepherd the college during this transition year. I know that I can count on our strong leadership team to assist me, and the college as a whole, to excel during this transition period. Through our instructional prowess, our research strength, and our impactful work with communities, our college demonstrates well-earned Terp pride!  

As we think about this next year, I have cautious optimism that we are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and poised to have a positive rebound; we should seek to take advantage of all of the knowledge that we have gained regarding affordances of technology and innovative instructional techniques. I recognize that everyone has been challenged over the past year, and sadly, some have suffered significant loss of loved ones and irreplaceable experiences. As we move forward as a community, we have an opportunity and obligation to assess what has happened and determine what we want to bring into the future, whether that’s in terms of research, instruction or our culture. Fortuitously, the college has a strong strategic plan that has proven its worth and brought our community together under a shared vision. The strategic plan will continue to guide the college and my decisions in this final year of the plan – a year when we will see many of the impacts that all of our actions have had.

We are already planning a variety of college events, including another Terrapin EdTalks gathering in November and the Spring Dean’s lecture, and I am eager to unveil several new initiatives aimed at increasing our impact in the community and professionally.

It will be an exciting year, and I’d like to thank you, in advance, for all of the work that we will undertake together.