Jennifer K. RiceDear College of Education community,

This is an exciting year for us as a College of Education – the 2019-2020 academic year marks our centennial anniversary. For 100 years, our College of Education has improved the lives of individuals and the health of communities throughout the state, across the country, and around the world through the power of education. We will host a number of celebratory events throughout the year that bring together faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members, and leaders to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our college.

The first is our Terrapin EdTalks (think “Ted Talks”) on October 3rd, which features five influential faculty members presenting their work on advancing equity and educational opportunity. We will end the year with a gala at our annual Dean’s Lecture on Education and Society. Please take the time to join us for these and other Centennial events as we reflect on our rich history and how it has shaped who we are and where we are going as a College.

Last year, our College made great progress toward our strategic plan goals that were identified as firstyear priorities – we have realized improvements in our research productivity and funding, in our strategic partnerships, in our number of ranked programs, and in the visibility of our work. And our work reflects our values of innovation and excellence, diversity and inclusion, and collaboration and community. Our work is important and impactful. As we enter the second year of implementing our plan, I look forward to addressing several important priorities that are guided by our own goals and values but also are shaped by our state and local context.

Of note, we are launching a new undergraduate major in human development. In addition, we will continue to work with our state and school district partners on policies and programs to ensure a wellprepared and diverse educator workforce that meets the needs of Maryland school systems.

As the flagship institution for the state of Maryland, the College of Education has an important leadership role to play in designing and piloting innovations related to educator preparation, development, and retention, and studying these innovations and disseminating findings of promising practices. This work also presents an opportunity to amplify the important contributions that our College makes to Maryland schools and communities through our policy-relevant work and thriving state-supported centers, including the Center for Transition and Career Innovation, Center for Early Childhood Education and Intervention, Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement, and the Maryland Assessment Research Center.

As educators ourselves, we strive to continue to learn, grow, and advance the mission of the College of Education in Maryland and beyond.

I hope to engage with you on campus or online as we celebrate our Centennial and prepare the next generation of transformational leaders and scholars in education.


Jennifer King Rice
Dean and Professor
University of Maryland College of Education