Dept. Tech Contacts



Educational Technology Services now provides direct, in-house, desktop support for on-site College of Education faculty and staff.

In order to make the process of acquiring these services as simple as possible, each department has identified a contact, or contacts (Department Tech Contacts or DTCs), who will submit online tickets for service. Please contact them about department-specific procedures for requesting this service. Those contacts are listed below:

Dept. Tech Contact Primary or
Email Phone
  Ylesia Stefanie James Primary (301) 405-6515
  Blesilda Lim Secondary (301) 405-6507
  Jasmyn Marks Secondary (301) 405-2858
Dean's Office
  Maria Sian Primary (301) 405-2334
  Valerie Foster Secondary (301) 405-0902
  Elizabeth Johnson Secondary (301) 405-3117
  Charm Mudd Primary (301) 405-1659
  Maria Rawlings Primary (301) 405-2827
  Jennifer Haislip Secondary (301) 405-3168
  Cornelia Snowden Secondary (301) 405-8715
Student Services
  Judy Foster Secondary (301) 405-2359
  Regina Cole Primary (301) 405-3324
  Stephanie Goodwin Secondary (301) 405-3113
  Lattisha Hall Secondary (301) 405-3603
  Maria Somarriba Secondary (301) 405-3570