Equipment Loan

Educational Technology Services (ETS) supports circulating technology equipment (see inventory) at no charge to College of Education faculty, which may be used for instruction or special events that can be checked out and utilized on campus. Members of the COE (faculty, staff, and graduate students with approval, only) have the option to reserve equipment with advanced notice. Equipment reservations are subject to availability and are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Confirmed equipment may be picked up by the faculty member or designee and returned to Benjamin room 0234 during Technology Desk hours. You also have the option to have the desired equipment delivered upon request (Cole Student Activities Building or Benjamin Building only).

Getting equipment is a two step procedure.

  1. The first is to reserve the equipment.
  2. The second is to pick-up or arrange delivery of the equipment.

To ensure that the Technology Desk has the flexibility to provide this service, we ask that you use the following guidelines when placing a reservation request:

  • Please allow at least 1 week in advance before making the request.  This gives us ample time to verify its availability and resolve any conflict issues that may arise.
  • If the equipment you requested is to be picked up, please do so within two (2) hours of the desired requested time.  If we have another request for the same equipment within this time, ETS may cancel the original request.
  • If you know that you will not need to use the equipment, please contact us immediately so that we may cancel your request.  This will allow us to make the equipment available to other patrons.
  • It is critical that you return the equipment to us by the promised date and time.  If you cannot do so, please must make every reasonable effort to contact the Technology Desk as soon as possible. If the held items are available, the loan period may be extended.  Failure to return equipment on time when needed by another patron is detrimental to both the operation of ETS and the college at large.
Patron at ETS Tech Desk (0234 Benjamin)ETS has a wide array of equipment available from our technology desk. While it is possible to check-out equipment without first making a reservation, there is no guarantee that the item will be available. It is recommended that you allow enough time on your reservation (usually 15 min.), both before and after class, for travel time, check-out and check-in, and basic training, if needed. There are several ways you may go about making  reservations. 

The most direct method is to call or visit our technology desk (301-405-3611) during its open hours. This has the advantage of being most direct, since you can often get confirmation of availability, assuming it is not too busy. Of course, if you prefer to fill out a form yourself (e.g., for a long list of dates that you would feel uncomfortable dictating), and if you cannot make it in during our open hours, you can send your request from this site (you no longer need email access), simply go to our on-line reservation form, fill it out, and submit it on-line.

Checking out equipment is the second step of the equipment loan process that ETS provides. The first step is reserving the equipment.

You should bring your UMD photo ID with you when you come to pick up equipment. While many of our students that staff the technology desk know many of our patrons, we often have new students that are told they must check ID's, no matter WHO the patron is. Please help us by remembering to bring an ID along.

If you decide to ask a student or GA to pick up the equipment for you, it helps us if you provide their name when making the reservation, or call the technology desk (301-405-3611) the day of check-out, to inform us of the change. In this way, the student can show his/her ID, and not have any problems checking out the equipment.

Please be aware that there will be a small check-out slip that the person picking up will have to fill out at the time of check-out. This is separate from the reservation form, and indicates that the reserved item was actually picked up.

Upon return, simply tell the student at the desk the name the item was under, and they will check you back in on the check-out slip.





Wireless Presenter

Logitech Wireless Presenters: R400 and Pro R800
Handheld device with a laser pointer perfect for transitioning PowerPoint presentation slides. Wireless range of up to 50 feet from the receiver. Compatible with Windows operating systems.


Logitech Conference Cam N231
USB webcam with a built-in speakerphone (8 foot range) and 78 degree field of view. Ideal for video conferencing with Skype or video recording. Compatible with Windows XP or higher.
Connections: 3.5mm analog headset jack

Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICD PX312
Ultra-portable device to record and playback audio recordings. Expandable memory with available MicroSD card slot and USB cable to transfer files.
Connections: USB mini-b, 1/8” female port


Sony MDR NC7
Powered adjustable noise cancelling headphones that reduces ambient noise to provide a quieter environment.

Video Camcorder

Sony Handycam DCR-SX45
Standard definition, SD flash memory, 3” LCD widescreen entry-level widescreen camcorder. Built-in USB cable for easy transfer of files. Great for creating low res web videos.
Connections: A/V R for component video (cable needed) or remote

HD Video Camcorder

Panasonic  HC-V700 Camcorder
High definition, SD flash memory, internal storage, widescreen camcorder which is multifunction and easy to operate. Create both high quality video clips and photos. HDMI and composite output.
Connections: 3.5mm microphone input,  USB (micro-B), HDMI (cable needed), component and composite video (cable needed), shoe adapter slot

HD Video Camcorder

Sony HDR-CX440 Camcorder
High definition, 8GB internal flash memory, 2.7” LCD widescreen entry-level camcorder for photos and videos. Record directly to included 32GB memory card (Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, SD or SDHC).  Built-in USB cable.
Connections: HDMI Micro, Bravia Sync, USB 2.0.

Wireless Microphone

Canon WM-V1
Consists of a wireless Bluetooth receiver (range up to 164 feet), microphone, and earphones. Improves the quality of recorded sounds. Speech is captured more clearly with less noise.

PC Multimedia Speakers

Logitech S150 Speakers
Portable PC 1.2 Watt total wired speakers with convenient volume control. The USB cable provides both audio and power.

Handheld Microphone

Sony F-V220 Microphone
Wired microphone which includes a 10’ audio cable. Good for recording high-quality audio from a variety of sources. Connects to powered speakers.


Sony VCT 60AV Tripod
Four extension levels adjustable up to 60” height for use with a camcorder. AV remote compatible with a Sony cam.

Tripod Screen

Da-Lite Picture King Portable Tripod Projection Screen
High-low case adjustment allows a 70” x 70” screen. Aluminum legs extend with a toe release mechanism.

Tripod Mini

Magnus TB-200BK Tripod Mini
Flexible tripod has a 9.7” maximum height and includes a flat head that supports a point-and-shoot camera or pocket video camera weighing up to 2.2 lb.

RF Clickers

Turning Point RCRF-03 Clickers
Handheld radio frequency remotes for use with clicker-ready Technology Classrooms. Allows you to track student responses.

Document Camera

Lumens Document Camera
High-definition document camera for presentations. Camera includes built-in microphone for directly recording audio and video synchronously without a PC. Utilizes an optional light source which can be adjusted according to the environment to prevent reflections. Adjustable settings for clarity, brightness, color, pan and zoom.
Connections: HDMI in/out, VGA, 3.5mm audio, USB.

Pico Projector

Optoma PK320 Projector
Lightweight, 8.3 oz pico portable projector that has a brightness level up to 100 ANSI lumens. Can achieve battery life of about 90 minutes. Built-in 1W speakers. Maximum projection size is 150” at 10 meters.
Connections: VGA (adapter not included), HDMI, USB, composite video, MicroSD, 3.5mm audio.

Ultra-Portable Projector

Dell M410HD Projector
Small, 2.6 pound projector that has a brightness level up to 2000 lumens. Ideal for small conference rooms. Maximum projection size is 361” @ 12 meters.
Connections: VGA, HDMI, USB, composite video, S-video, 3.5mm audio.

Multimedia Projector

Dell 1610HD Projector
Premium, 5.3 pound projector that has a brightness level up to 3500 lumens. Ideal for medium conference rooms. Maximum projection size is 362” @ 10 meters.
Connections: VGA In/Out, HDMI, USB, composite video, S-video, RCA audio, 3.5mm audio.

Standard PC Notebook

Dell Vostro 3350
Standard 13” laptop with built-in speakers, 802.11 wireless, integrated webcam, digital microphone, and DVD.  Includes Windows 10, Office 2016 and SMART Notebook 16.  Requires UMD directory authentication.
Connections: VGA, HDMI, 3.5mm audio, USB, eSATA, Ethernet.

Apple Notebook

Apple MacBook Air
Lightweight 11.6” screen laptop with HD display, built-in speakers, 802.11ac wireless, integrated webcam and dual microphones.  Includes OS X El Capitan, Office 2016 and SMART Notebook 16.  Requires UMD directory authentication.
Connections: Thunderbolt 2, 3.5mm audio, 2x USB 3.0.

Dell Chromebook

Dell Chromebook 3120
Standard 11.6” screen laptop with built-in speakers, 802.11ac wireless, integrated webcam and digital microphone.  Includes Chrome OS.
Connections: HDMI, SD 4.0 card reader, 3.5mm audio, 2x USB 3.0.

Ultra-Portable Notebook

Dell Latitude 3340
Standard 13.3” laptop with built-in speakers, 802.11 wireless, integrated webcam and digital microphone.  Includes Windows 10, Office 2016 and SMART Notebook 16.  Requires UMD directory authentication.
Connections: mDP, HDMI, SD 4.0 card reader, 3.5mm audio, USB 3.0, RJ-45 Ethernet.

Touchscreen Notebook

Dell Latitude 3160
Standard 11.6” screen laptop with HD touch display, built-in speakers, 802.11ac wireless, integrated webcam and digital microphone.  Includes Windows 10, Office 2016 and SMART Notebook 16.  Requires UMD directory authentication.
Connections: HDMI, SD 4.0 card reader, 3.5mm audio, 2x USB 3.0, RJ-45 Ethernet.

Technology in Motion Laptop Cart

TIM Cart TX323LL/A
Notebook storage cart with compartments holding 30 Apple MacBook Airs and power adapters. Used as a mobile computer lab for classrooms. Laptops require UMD directory authentication and include the following software:
Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Creative Cloud 2014, Camtasia, Cisco AnyConnect VPN, Mozilla Firefox, Flip4Mac, GeoGebra, Google Chrome, Google Earth, Jabber Video, Jing, Microsoft Office 2011, Panapto, Picasa, Real Player, Silverlight, SketchUp Pro, Skype, Text Wrangler, and VLC.


Apple iPad MD510LL/A (4th generation)
Black model with 9.7” Retina Display (2048 x 1536 resolution), Dual-Core A6X chip with Quad-Core graphics, 5MP iSight Camera, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), 16 GB capacity, up to 10 hours of battery life.


Mobile Instructor Station

ISM Cart
A mobile instructor station used for classroom instruction when technology is unavailable. Desktop computer requires UMD directory authentication and includes the following software: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Flash Player, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office 2011, and Skype. This cart also includes a projector, webcam, and wireless router.