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Computer Lab

The computer lab is located in room 0230 Benjamin. It's available during computer lab hours, either as an open lab for student use or on a reservation basis for College of Education instruction.

How can I reserve the computer lab?
Any College of Education faculty member can set up a computer lab reservation online and submit a request for a teaching session, workshops, or exams. Your request must be received no later than by noon on the Friday before the week of the class for consideration. We will attempt to answer all requests within 1 business day of receipt. Please visit our ETS Resource Reservation page to fill out a request form.

Who can use the lab?
The computer lab is open to all University of Maryland faculty, staff and students. You will be required to enter your UM directory ID and password to authenticate to the lab workstations.

Can I print in the lab?
The computer lab operates a Pay-for-Print system that allows you to send jobs to the network printer from any lab workstation. A Terrapin Express account is required.

Equipment Loan

ETS supports circulating technology equipment at no charge to College of Education faculty. COE faculty, staff, and (graduate students with approval, only) have the option to reserve equipment with advanced notice.

Who can check out equipment and what is the process?
Equipment is made available for loan only to College of Education faculty and staff members. Graduate students may also borrow equipment by filling out an Authorization Form for the given semester. Once the reservation is received, we will check to make sure the equipment will indeed be available at the requested time. We will then contact you within one business day of receipt by email or phone to confirm the reservation.

How can I reserve equipment ahead of time?
ETS recommends that you allow at least 1 week in advance before making a request. The most convenient way to reserve equipment is to visit our ETS Resource Reservation page to fill out a request form.

Can I extend a reservation beyond the standard length of time?
The maximum booking days to borrow equipment is 3 days. A request can be made to extend the reservation if the requested equipment is not booked by another patron.

Do you deliver equipment?
You may request to have the equipment delivered if you choose. Equipment can only be delivered to either Benjamin Building (EDU Building #143) or Cole Student Activities Building (COL Building #162). Certain sensitive equipment can only be used inside Benjamin Building. Please note we will make every effort to make the scheduled delivery but may not have the personnel to do so. Someone on our staff will contact you should other arrangements need to be made.

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Learning Technology General

Learning Technology Services (LTS) is dedicated to support the College of Education faculty and staff in their use of technology for teaching, training, and assessment.

Does the College of Education provide technology integration support to faculty?
Yes, the Learning Technology Specialist provides training and support with integrating technology into teaching and learning.  This includes faculty training via synchronous and asynchronous learning tools.

Support areas:

  • Face-to-face faculty training and support

  • ELMS training (Canvas)

  • ELMS course design

  • Video-Conferencing (WebEx or Google Hangouts)

  • Technology Workshops

  • Clickers (Turning Point)

  • Interactive Whiteboard (Smartboard)

  • Classroom Monitoring Tool (LANSchool)

Can the Learning Technology Specialist teach my students how to...?
The Learning Technology Specialists provides consultation and training to faculty and staff (including GAs and TAs) only.

Is there a way for me to create a secure survey for internal and external audiences?
Qualtrics is a web-based survey available to all University of Maryland faculty, students and staff to support teaching and research on campus.  Login to Qualtrics (Directory ID and Password).

What enterprise systems used in teaching does ETS support, besides Canvas and WebEx?
We also provide support to Google Hangouts, Turning Point Clickers, Wiki Tools, Blogs, LANSchool

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Learning Technology ELMS/Canvas

Learning Technology Services (LTS) provides small group or one-on-one support intended to familiarize instructors with the most effective pedagogical use of course technologies and empower instructors to use best practices to enhance student learning in the College of Education.

What is the difference between ELMS and Canvas?
ELMS is the acronym for Enterprise Learning Management System. Canvas is the brand name of the Enterprise Learning Management System.

Do I need to download or install special software?
ELMS/Canvas is an online learning management system. Activity takes place online. There is no need to download software.

How do I obtain space for an online course?
Every university term-based course is allocated space on ELMS. If you have an independent study course, you will need to create the space yourself.

For more information, visit:

How can I add a TA, GA, or co-instructor to my course?
TAs, GAs, and or co-instructors must be added through your department’s scheduler. Per the Registrar’s policy, individuals must be added through UMEG. If you have her questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the Registrars office.

What is the difference between a course space and organizational space in ELMS/Canvas?
A course space is created through your department’s scheduler and placed on Testudo, and is a term-based course.

An organizational space is manually created through the ELMS Management Tool (EMT). The individual manages the enrollments using the ELMS Management tool to create an area to share material internally. Often times committee groups, research groups, test courses, or master courses are created in this area.

How can I include online reserved readings into my course?
Video Instructions:

Print Instructions:

How can I share online video with my ELMS/Canvas course?
How to Embed YouTube Videos in your course:

Here is a list of Streaming Video Collection, within the University libraries, link:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Canvas gradebook vs. offline?
Advantages: Assignment tracking, communication, time stamped submissions; immediate feedback to students, ability to monitor student’s progress online. It is a central repository for assessment data, student information, and student progress.

Disadvantages: Currently, it does not automatically upload into UMEG. You may send them from ELMS to UMEG using the ELMS Management Tool ( )

See instruction for sending grades from ELMS to UMEG:

Here is the instructional manual on how to use Canvas gradebook:

Why am I not able to view my organizational space in the course drop down?
Go to the Courses link on the top bar and “View all”.

Where can I obtain training for ELMS/Canvas?
You may obtain training through ETS by visiting our group training schedule located at:

Or schedule a one-on-one with Rosalia Reyes-Webb by contacting her at or 301-405-0399.

In addition, you may attend a group workshop through the Division of Information Technology (DIT)

Where can my students obtain training?
Students may obtain training through the Division of Information Technology on Canvas or  they may view Student Quick Guides at

Will someone design my course for me?
ETS provides training and consulting services for online design. Please consult with our learning technology specialist Rosalia K. Reyes-Webb.

How can I merge or split sections of my online course?
You would perform this action using the ELMS management tool. Located at the    or you could contact our learning specialist Rosalia K Reyes-Webb for assistance.

How can I email or contact my entire student roster?
You may communicate with students though the class announcement link located in your course. Or you may send your students messages through the Inbox. Please see link below:

How long will my course remain available to students? ... to the instructor?
Currently, until the instructor removes the course. DIT, is currently working with the Registrar on a policy to close to course off to students after 6 weeks. This is pending as of 10/16/2014.

Can I convert a course from another university into Canvas?
Yes. This would be a manual process. The learning technology specialist could assist you with some of this process.

Converting VHS tapes to digital media for Online Course Reserves
There are a few steps to perform for digitizing your VHS tapes and placing them in ELMS.

Step 1:
Activate a Module for Video Streaming on ELMS
Add an item to your module by selecting "external tool" >> "Online Media Reserves"

Step 2:
Complete the ELMS Course Reserves Media Request Form (Online Video)
indicate that you have two personal vhs tapes on the forms and the names of the tapes

Step 3:
Walk over to 0300 Hornbake Library with the VHS tapes.
Depending on the backlog of the library, it may take a few days or a few weeks.
It is ideal to place the requests prior to the beginning of the semester.

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Learning Technology - Video Conferencing with WebEx

What is WebEx?
Is a web conferencing tool which can be used in online courses and online collaborations. In addition, sessions may be recorded and presented asynchronously at a later time.  Meeting entry is relatively simple through a unique online link.

Who can use it?
Anyone may participate in an WebEx session through an individualized link created by a host. Host or creators of the online session, must have a university ID. You may also access WebEx through the ELMS(Canvas) menu.

Do I need to download or install special software?
You will need the WebEx plug-in that allows browsers to communicate with WebEx

Will it work on my mobile device?
WebEx is supported on mobile devices. You will need to install the mobile app on your device.

Do I need a webcam or microphone?
For best results using WebEx, please use a USB headset/microphone. This will minimize or eliminate feedback or extraneous background noise. Below are examples from Logitech that are recommended, though many other high quality options are available at reasonable prices.

When using WebEx having a webcam is necessary to share video of yourself. WebEx  recognizes and utilizes many built-in or USB webcams. Below are examples of what Learning Environments staff members use:

Where can I obtain training for WebEx?
You may contact DIT or ETS for training.

Where can my students obtain training for WebEx?
They may contact DIT for specific training.

Can I save/archive a session?
Yes, you may record your session and save it to your computer or to the WebEx server.

Can I use it either synchronously or asynchronously?
Yes, you may use WebEx synchronously or asynchronously. You may download a file to your computer or stream it via a WebEx link.

Can it be used with those outside of UMD (i.e., without a directory ID and password)?
Yes, outsiders can use WebEx through a link provided by invitation.

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Technology Classrooms

All standard classrooms in the Benjamin building have an integrated PC, independent CD/DVD and VCR playback, ports for external connection (laptops or other AV), and method of projection. Each classrooms (and most offices) also have wireless internet access.

How do I reserve a classroom in Benjamin?
Classroom scheduling is handled by the University Scheduling Office. Contact your departmental scheduling representative to reserve a classroom.

Can someone train me on the equipment or provide troubleshooting assistance?
To request training in using a Technology Classroom, please fill out the Training Request Form.

How can I tell if my classroom issue has been reported or resolved?
ETS staff performs daily operational checks on the technology classrooms in the Benjamin Building.  To check the status of existing problems or to report new ones, please reference our Classroom Status page.

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Tech Support (Desktop support)

Tech Support for COE faculty and staff. If you have any questions about this service, please feel free to contact the Desk Manager.

Who is eligible for ETS desktop tech support?
ETS uses in-house resources to provide both College of Education faculty and staff members with on-site desktop support for university-owned computers.

What services are available?
ETS offers a wide range of services for supporting desktop computers including repairs, virus removal, data recovery, hardware/software installation, and recommendations.

How do I request service?
Answer:  You can request a service appointment work request through your Departmental Technical Contact (DTC).  This is a free service to the departments.

When will my ticket be addressed?
The model we use to address service requests is on a first-in/first-out approach according to priority. Once a ticket is submitted by your DTC, it is assigned a priority level and entered into our work request queue. You may check the status of your request by visiting the Ticket Status page.

Does ETS do consultations/ recommendations?
ETS can help assess your needs for your computing needs. We can put together a customized plan to help you get the most out of technology. We can work within your budget to advise on new computer purchases, printers and peripherals.

Can I get non-UMD guests access to the campus network?
A guest wireless account is a temporary account (username and password) that can be created by University of Maryland faculty and staff to provide access to the University’s wireless network.  The Guest Wireless Account tool provides you with the ability to sponsor a maximum of four visitors temporary access.  If more than 4 accounts are needed, please contact your Departmental Data Representative (DDR).

Can I get non-UMD guests access to campus services such as the library, email, and similar?

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Web Services

Assists with the creation and maintenance of College and Departmental Web Sites.

What is web services
Web Services provides technical support to the College in the development and maintenance of their websites. We also provide access to web space and one-on-one trainings. You can consult the Communications office for web design and graphic design.

How can I get my faculty directory page updated?
Please contact web services for this service. You may also want to view a sample college faculty bio page.

How do I obtain a Qualtrics online survey account?
Surveys can be created and distributed by anyone with UMDCP credentials. Visit for more information.

Who do I contact about a non-working link ?
Please email

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General information (scope, policies)

Who can attend workshops?
Faculty, Staff (including TAs or Gas) may attend ETS workshops.

What workshops or brown-bags do you have coming up?

Whats the difference between a workshop and a brown-bag?
A workshop involves hands-on training.
A brown-bag involves sharing of ideas and discussion on a specific topic.

Can I request a topic- or audience-specific workshop?
Absolutely! Please email if you have a specific topic of interest.

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