Hakim Scott

D. Hakim Scott
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration

College Budget Officer
Personnel administration
College working budget/budget allocations
Supervision of support units: ETS and I&P

Robin Walukonis

Robin Walukonis
Assistant Director, Finance and Administration

Financial accounting for I&P; semester net income statements for programs
Performance data of programs
Student billing & student awards
Third party payments
PHR appover of faculty, staff, GA, and student appointments/overloads
Budget reports for Dean's office and Assistant Dean of Finance

Dian Poore

Dian Poore
Business Manager

Payroll and Human resources liaison; paycheck distribution
Benefits Coordinator, COBRA benefits, tuition remission, new contracts and yearly renewals; new appointments/changes to appointments, overloads
Staff relations liaison, FMLA
Foundation accounts, scholarship awards; payments and reimbursements from UMCPF and USMF
Working Fund accounts
Faculty relocation

Valerie Foster

Valerie Foster

Facilities management
Telecommunications and IT support
Sensitive Equipment Management/Purchases
Student billing & student awards
Third party funding/MOUs
Petty Cash
Purchasing and Procurement/Surplus Property
Website Maintenance

Sarah Patishnock

Sarah Patishnock
Administrative Assistant II

Purchasing: supplies, misc. office orders
Payment of invoices, honorarium, etc.
Parking/Parking codes
Marketing inventory/Branded items
Business Office support