Jennifer King Rice
Dean Jennifer King Rice
In academic year 2017-18, the University of Maryland College of Education began a strategic planning process to continue our pursuit of impact through academic excellence and to support our standing as an eminent college of education. Led by a steering committee composed of insightful and forwardthinking faculty, staff, and students, the process built on the efforts of four work groups and input from the College community gathered through surveys, convenings, and a College-wide retreat.

Our work resulted in the creation of new vision, mission, and values statements and the identification of three pillars of action that we will address in the coming years:


  • Promoting our Culture of Scholarship
  • Creating Innovative Instructional Programs
  • Fostering Strategic Partnerships

While we will continue to support our existing successful efforts and activities on a variety of fronts, these pillars identify areas that we will elevate and support as we lead the field toward the future. How we achieve the goals articulated in our vision and in this plan is what will set us apart from our peers.

This strategic plan is a living document that lays the foundation for innovative new initiatives, balanced with careful attention to providing value to our local community and state. The plan will evolve and grow as we do. I am grateful to the many individuals – both internal and external to the College – who participated in the lively exchanges that resulted in this strategic plan. Our diverse and engaged community will be key to the success of this plan, and ultimately, to that of the College of Education.

The 2022 Strategic Plan Executive Summary (PDF)

The 2022 Strategic Plan (PDF)

Dean of the College of Education
University of Maryland